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Product/Service >> Flame Photometer >> Flame Photometer - Flame photometer BWB-XP

Flame Photometer - Flame photometer BWB-XP - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่

Flame Photometer - Flame photometer BWB-XP


Flame Photometer - Flame photometer BWB-XP

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ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ flame photometer bwb

A flame photometer better than ICP, AAS and ISE analysers Not just better than the other flame photometers - BWB offers a cost effective, accurate and reliable alternative to other technologies such as Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (AAS) and Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) Analysers . Many of our customers already own an AAS or ICP, but choose to measure Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Barium with their BWB flame photometer rather than the more expensive and complex instruments. This decision saves them time & money as well as increasing the accuracy and reliability of their results. What is a flame photometer? BWB flame photometers are used for measuring Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium & Barium in many different industries including • Cement • Beverage • Pharmacies in Clinics • Medical Schools • Petrochemical • Paper • Fertiliser • Wine • Food • Nuclear Power Stations • Salt and Potassium Mines • Sugar Industry. Common BWB flame photometer features All BWB products are built around the same innovative product design and world leading technologies, sharing the same core features across the range. Just add gas! BWB have revolutionised the flame photometry market by offering an instrument with all accessories supplied as standard. This means that the process of ordering a BWB flame photometer is incredibly simple. There are no complex product codes, accessory lists or ordering requirements. When you order a BWB flame photometer it will arrive with all the accessories you need. Up to 5 channels of simultaneous detection and display The ability to measure and calibrate up to 5 different ions at the same time offer huge advantages over more traditional instrumentation. As the BWB is the first and only flame photometer to offer simultaneous detection and display, our customers do not need to waste valuable time changing filters and re-calibrating when a different measurement is required. Built-in air compressor Greatly reduces noise and laboratory footprint while increasing instrument stability, accuracy and reproducibility. Advanced calibration system The ability to store calibration data and perform multi-mode calibrations reduces analysis time significantly. Interfaces Connect to your PC using either USB or RS232. A 0-1 volt output is available for a chart recorder, or for process control, a 4-20mA output can be made available.
New modern technology offers increased accuracy and reliability Introduced in 2005, the BWB flame photometer was designed from the ground up, using new, innovative and modern technology to give unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability. With clean lines and contemporary bright colour schemes, the instrument looks exceptionally modern and will fit into any laboratory. The instrument has a large LCD display which can be easily viewed from any angle. Computer connectivity as standard! The FP-PC software package, included with every purchase, has been written with GLP compliance in mind and facilitates the creation of data and reports in PDF format. Data can be downloaded in a .csv file format for spreadsheet functionality. Ease of use A clear liquid backlit crystal display guides users with exceptional ease through analysis using simple, logical, menu driven options. The display, used in conjunction with a comprehensive membrane switch panel ensures that accurate and reliable results can be obtained with minimal training. As modern businesses may experience a large turnover of staff, laboratory managers will appreciate the comprehensive training DVD supplied with every BWB flame photometer. Long term savings Excellent value for money and very low total cost of ownership. Selective analysis Flame photometry excludes most elements which means very little interference. Reliable & simple An adjustment of the flame is all the operator can “fiddle“ with. Fast! Once the instrument has stabilised it takes just a matter of seconds to obtain results. The BWB flame photometer family The award winning BWB XP General purpose flame photometer The BWB XP is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements. A high quality and high performance instrument, the BWB XP employs modern technology to improve both accuracy and stability while significantly reducing analysis time. The BWB XP is the greatest advance in flame photometry for 30 years! BWB BIO Flame photometer for biological samples The BWB BIO has been created for measuring biological solutions and is modernised for today’s research work, routine quick measurements of, especially, lithium and calcium with high accuracy of the traditional sodium and potassium elements. Our recent release is the combination of several “wish lists” from PhDs in Germany, USA and Canada principally in renal research, diabetes and alzheimer research. Production reagents and solutions QA and QC are facilitated quickly by our unique simultaneous detection and data processing for all atoms detected. Our connection to a PC creates .csv files and data presentations to answer the requests of our clients over several years across the globe. Truly intuitive user friendly operation spans all languages and appeals to all levels of users skillsets.
BWB SUGAR Flame photometer for the sugar industry In keeping with the published papers from 1977 forward, potassium detection is afforded with up to 4 channels of detection for extreme accuracy along the range of potassium control. Alternatively a combination of sodium, lithium, calcium and potassium is offered as standard for the researcher as well as the production processor. This powerful and growing global industry now has the attending facilities for Synthetic Fuels or Bio-Fuels production as well from the harvest of the beet or cane. For this derivative product BWB Technologies offers a hybridised Flame Photometer we have named SynFuels. Depending on the portion of the bio conversion that is desired to measure, special chemical resistant tubing comes standard on the BWB FP. BWB NUCLEAR Flame photometer for the nuclear industry The measurement of lithium at low concentrations within nuclear power stations has been identified as an application perfectly addressed by a new specialty flame photometer - The BWB Nuclear. The most accurate and advanced lithium flame photometer ever manufactured! The BWB flame photometer has always been renowned for super stable and accurate lithium measurement. Now this winning formula has been improved with a novel adaptation and optimisation of the proprietary BWB optical array detection systems which allows four channels of lithium measurement. This latest configuration has been specifically designed to specification laid out by leading experts within the nuclear power industry. BWB WINE Flame photometer for the wine industry With our new “Light Pipe Technology” and multiple calcium detectors system, we are now able to meet the rigid standards of calcium detection in wine as this additive is blended in and then removed out in processing. Of course our potassium and sodium channels are also specified for this important industry as well. The BWB Wine flame photometer not only offers a superior analytical instrument for the industry but is also a vital tool for optimising product quality through early detection and measurement of these key elements. BWB AFHS Intelligent automation with the BWB Automatic Fluid Handling System Our diversified customers rely on their BWB Flame Photometers for accuracy and reliability. In many modern laboratories and industries there is the need for multiple sample measurement and accurate measurement and recordation of the atoms of interest detected by the BWB FP program. The BWB AFHS program provides the fluid handling system to match our Award Winning Flame Photometers. Our proprietary “Auto Read” technology has been developed to make intelligent decisions based on exact measurements and drives the AFHS system from sample to sample and is available with all BWB FPs in our program. Printer The BWB Printer provides on demand printing of results from any of the BWB FPs. This device is perched atop the Flame Photometer to preserve our small footprint on the workbench. We utilise a recently developed Environmentally sensitive thermal paper that has a guaranteed 10 year print 
life. Print characters include: instrument model and serial number, sample number, date, time, results, tray ID (with the AFHS) and calibration data. Autosampler The BWB AutoSampler is available as an option for all Model Year 2014 BWB FPs and features an 89 well sample system with graduated vials of 5ml sizing. User selectable for 5 positions on the tray for calibration correction to compensate for environmental changes in the installation site. Autodiluter This purpose built diluter is set up as a 100:1 and 10:1 diluter and derives it’s mains power and commands from the AutoSampler and is a necessary adjunct to the AutoSampler for full automation of the BWB FPs. A specialty BWB FP for your organisation? We would like to discuss your current challenges, analytical applications and have the opportunity to investigate a unique solution for you! Why not contact BWB Technologies today and see if we can provide a unique BWB FP solution for you? BWB flame photometer solutions & other consumables BWB Technologies supply a range of products for our customers to ensure that their flame photometer performs to the highest standards for years to come! We also offer fast delivery. The BWB fluids kit BWB’s calibration standards offer convenience and value for money. Delivered in high concentration of 10,000 ppm, the small 150ml bottle delivers 15 litres of top quality calibration standards. Additionally, the high concentrations give our customers the confidence and satisfaction of a long shelf life. Our standard fluids kit contains the following items; 5 Calibration standards at 10,000ppm, 1 litre Diluent Concentrate and Decon® 90 cleaning agent concentrate. Laboratory starter pack BWB’s philosophy of Just Add Gas means our customers enjoy a complete solution that they can set-up within 30 minutes and use straight out of the box. Just Add Gas means that nothing is left out, including the laboratory equipment needed to prepare standards/samples and analyse them with the BWB flame photometer. Many customers appreciate the quality and durability of these components and reorder the laboratory starter pack after the initial items are depleted. The starter pack contains: Pipettes 1ml x 10, Pipettes 10ml x 10, Volumetric Flask 100ml and Sample Cups x 100. BWB support services BWB Technologies are proud to manufacture award winning, market leading flame photometers, but our customer service does not stop after we make a sale! We offer a unique on-line IQ OQ PQ programme for system validation and certification as well as extended warranty options. BWB provides excellent support to our customers and distributors which is second to none! International support network An independently owned private company with manufacturing in the United Kingdom under strict ISO control protocols. BWB is a global company with a sales and support network covering Europe, America and the Middle East and a world-wide network of high quality distributors. We offer unsurpassed levels of technical support available 24/7 and employ real experts in flame photometry. From our manufacturing plant in Newbury, England, BWB Technologies have introduced our series of flame photometer products, and accessories, which exceed existing expectations in terms of specification, usability, accuracy, reporting, build quality and value for money. 
Linearisation Included in the software, and available on any of the 5 elements. Achievable on both single and multi point calibrations. Aspiration Rate 3-5.5ml/min Optimal Range Single Point Calibration Multi Point Calibration Na - 0.05 - 60ppm Na - 0.05 - 1000ppm* K - 0.05 - 100ppm K - 0.05 - 1000ppm* Li - 0.1 - 50ppm Li - 0.1 - 1000ppm* Ca - 2.5 - 100ppm Ca - 2.5 - 1000ppm* Ba - 10 - 100ppm Ba - 30 - 3000ppm * High levels of salts can be problematic. Reproducibility <1% coefficient of variability for 20 consecutive samples over 10 minutes (after instrument stabilisation) at concentrations of 100ppm or less. Limits of Detection Na - 0.02ppm K - 0.02ppm Li - 0.05ppm Ca - 1.0ppm Ba - 5ppm Time to Stability Less than 15 seconds after sample is introduced into the flame. Interfaces USB RS232 0-1 Volt (or optionally 4-20mA) Integrated Printer .CSV and / or output via FP-PC Software Drift Less than 1% per 30 minutes after instrument stabilisation. Specifity Na/K/Li = <0.5% to each other when equal in concentration at <100ppm. Number of Parameters Measured Simultaneous display of Na, K, Ca, Li, Ba. Size Instrument = 51cm high x 38cm wide x 41cm deep (20in x 15in x 16in) Shipping = 55cm high x 47cm wide x 62cm deep (21.6in x 18.5in x 24.4in) Weight Instrument = 17kg (38 lbs) Shipping = 25kg (55 lbs)

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